SilverSolve Top Products


Desktop Application manage and comply key business document and process to take meaningful actions with powerful business processes. Dastavaz is not only a tool to just archive your business documents but also ensures the smooth business process with dydamic workflow systems. PWA (Progressive Web Application) is also developed to make it accessible easily over android & iOS operating systems.


Techris is the school management system which is designed to administer an entire school. It allows the management to maintain all the records of the school. Techris has an elaborate finance module which helps keep a track of student fees and expenses of the school. It gives a holistic view of the organization. All the payrolls of teachers, staff and admin are defined in the system. Techris helps maintain the archives of students and gives them a unique ID; it tracks their yearly performance and promotes them accordingly. The database of students also allows the admin to send important details to the parents through Emails or SMS. Techris is designed to cater the needs of modern schools that deal in giving out the best experience to their students. It also maintains Profit and Loss statements on Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually and Annual basis.


Techris LMS is a web browser based application, easily accessible with desktop, mobile & tablets. Techris LMS provides a unique study platform where educational institute admin, teachers & students can connect with each other without any hassel. Main features included Pre-recorded Lectures, Dowload/Upload assignments, Live Classes, Chat Messages etc.

Book Keeping

Bookkeeping is a Sales/Inventory app for small business proprietors; it helps in handling inventory and sales. This APP allows the consumer to manage his shops, stations, warehouses, and stores. There are two features of this APP. The first aspect is the user app; the user would take a picture of the MEMO (Credit/Cash) and send it to the Admin. The MEMO would be received on the website. Admin would enter the details of Memo into the system which will define the sale and move the inventory. This application helps bring culpability and intelligibility in business transactions. It is a fairly simple app to use so it can be handled by laymen who work in stores, warehouses, shops, and stations.

Call Center Management System

Silver Solve has developed a CCMS which is a new concept in the market. A virtual character representation backed by an actual customer representative. This would help better engage the customer. The major factor would be streamlining the processes. CCMS would be connected to the company’s server where all customer calls would be recorded which would help the company improve their Customer Services and deal with the issues that are persistent. It would also act as a customer relationship management tool which would help the company keep a track of their customers and offer them better services. The virtual character would be altered depending on the company’s requirements; Silver Solve has designed this Application for Fujairah Municipality.


Point of Sale (POS) is a web-based application. Silver Solves POS tracks IMEI numbers of items like phones and then links this to the inventory module. POS helps Shop’s and Modern Trade Centers track all their sales orders and manage inventory on real-time basis. The application also manages suppliers, employees, and helps in calculating taxes.

Hale Insurer

Hale 1.0 is the future of managing organizations. Hale 1.0 is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software also commonly known as ERP. Hale is perfectly suited to help in all industries and agencies, it helps them improve their business processes, illustrate fiscal prudence, and minimize the risk involved in all the procedures. Silver Solve has focused on the public sector which has enabled us to be in a position to assist countries, cities and other governmental customers in becoming more accessible, responsive, and efficient. Hale 1.0 is a state-of-the-art comprehensive Financial Management ERP solution that has been successfully implemented in many companies across different industries. Hale is the single most important application for organizations today because it gives the client a 360-degree view of the organization. Imagine a world where technology is powerfully dynamic; where information technology is maintained by a single, dedicated source that keeps complex systems running smoothly. Hale 1.0 will allow your organization to make better decisions and provide increased productivity for employees while simultaneously managing the activities of a growing community.


TaizBuy is an omnichannel EPOS solution to suit small and medium-sized businesses. It can handle multiple store locations and integrates online and face-to-face sales so you can run your business from one account.


Quemit is a cloud-based solution, so all calculations, statistics, and monitoring is performed in real time. The system has a wide array of integration capabilities to allow connecting to corporate networks, synchronizing with databases,full integration with CRM systems, websites and other specialized software which an organization might have.