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Hale 1.0

Hale is your modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed to cater all your business desires. It has different modules in user friendly settings that ensure real time bookkeeping, classification, and analysis. Hale 1.0 includes top quality reporting, operation management tools, and online access options. Hale 1.0 is a system that assists in business planning.


Techris is the school management system which is designed to administer an entire school. It allows the management to maintain all the records of the school. Techris has an elaborate finance module which helps keep a track of student fees and expenses of the school. It gives a holistic view of the organization. All the payrolls of teachers, staff and admin are defined in the system. Techris helps maintain the archives of students and gives them a unique ID; it tracks their yearly performance and promotes them accordingly. The database of students also allows the admin to send important details to the parents through Emails or SMS.

Techris is designed to cater the needs of modern schools that deal in giving out the best experience to their students. It also maintains Profit and Loss statements on Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually and Annual basis.


CAP is the boardroom meeting app designed to meet the needs of today’s organizations. Its main function is Conference Management. Moving forward it’s the automated system that is designed to keep the conference organized; it gives access to the presenter and attendees a platform to develop a moderated caucus


TaizBuy is an omnichannel EPOS solution to suit small and medium-sized businesses. It can handle multiple store locations and integrates online and face-to-face sales so you can run your business from one account<p.


Quemit is a cloud-based solution, so all calculations, statistics, and monitoring is performed in real time.
The system has a wide array of integration capabilities to allow connecting to corporate networks, synchronizing with databases,full integration with CRM systems, websites and other specialized software which an organization might have.