Quemit Web App

Quemit is a cloud-based solution, so all calculations, statistics, and monitoring is performed in real time. The system has a wide array of integration capabilities to allow connecting to corporate networks, synchronizing with databases, full integration with CRM systems, websites and other specialized software which an organization might have.

Multi Branch View

Provides the Admin with the option to see all the branches at a single view. The Admin can manage branches here and allow rights to the branch managers. He can also view the performance of each branch and the organization as a whole.

Graphical/Pictorial View

Quemit provides extensive graphs and charts to bring ease to the final user. The user can easily see statistics displayed at the tip of his fingers giving him a holistic view of the customer care performance.


Quemit generates real time statistics and displays reports which allow admin to quickly increase the performance and quality of customer service. Various CRM system integration is possible with Quemit.

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